Digital Means Business Benchmark Report

Today, many established enterprises are having their world disrupted by agile start-ups with new business models, forcing them to re-invent themselves to remain relevant. Others are finding themselves under increasing pressure from traditional rivals who’ve embraced digital transformation and are gaining ground with slicker, more customer-friendly processes.

Unlike past trends which tended to be IT-led, digital transformation is being led by the business, adapted to business priorities, especially when it comes to the procurement of IT services.

Our Digital Means Business Benchmark Report provides insights to organisations to help them make the most of the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

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Why the Digital Means Business Benchmark report?

Digital transformation is a rapidly evolving concept. However, over the past few years, the way in which this is understood has matured.

Our Digital Means Business Benchmark Report provides organisations with a view of what digital transformation is, as understood by them and its impact.

72% of respondents rated improving their customer experience as the most important benefit of digital transformation

The world in which organisations operate has changed dramatically, empowered by the opportunities that technology provides

75% of organisations surveyed are already focusing on digital transformation execution

Digital is not a technology-driven strategy, it’s a business strategy enabled by technology. Living in this digital age can be challenging and daunting, but it's always exciting and often unpredictable.

- Scott Gibson Group Executive, Digital Business Solutions, Dimension Data

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About our report

How we compiled the research

We interviewed 1,100 C-Suite executives from 15 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia spanning various industry verticals. We posed more than 20 questions to them covering their digital journey, the responsibilities for digital transformation inside their organisation and the challenges faced on this journey, among others.

The results provide invaluable insight into how these leaders perceive the business opportunities presented by digital transformation, the delivery challenges experienced in realising a digital transformation strategy, and the value being achieved.

Data collection

Access to data gathered from 1,100 top executives, representing nine industries, across 15 countries

Data analysis

Insights from our team of subject matter experts, built on the thorough analysis of the data

Focused engagement

Engage with our digital strategists to gain access to personalised recommendations focussed on your digital transformation journey

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