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Analysis and insight from our experts

The digital transformation journey is a reality for every organisation, irrespective of size or industry. Organisations are going to have to change but it’s not easy to understand where to start or how far you are along the journey.

Our experts have taken the findings of the research and extracted a core set of insights, to help you understand what areas may need to be addressed in your organisation. These insights have been gained through extensive experience in the industry as part of the work that we have done across the globe.

The Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report aims to identify how organisations are addressing digital transformation, what challenges have been addressed and lessons learned by organisations, and what value organisations are achieving.


Explore how you can deal with, and take advantage of the opportunities that disruption presents

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Organisational challenges

See how you can ensure that you’re equipped for the challenges posed by digital transformation

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Leadership and culture

See how leadership impacts digital transformation initiatives

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Digital is organisational wide

See how to embrace this time of change to your organisation’s advantage

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Learn how to make innovation a core part of your digital strategy

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Balancing planning and execution

See how strategy, planning and execution align in the pursuit of the digital organisation

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Business and IT partnering

See how business and IT working together can boost your digital transformation journey

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Value from digital transformation

Find out how to identify value in your digital transformation efforts

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